sometimes it takes a second look..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the first shot was good. melodic, a little slower, with some solid vocals.

...they got on stage, figured out their lineup...

the second shot is, well, freakin' awesome.

Not A Planet is a little 3 piece from the blessed waters (errr, lands) of Kansas City. When it all started they were more like a 4 piece..or was it a 5 piece. Well either way, they had put up a few songs with this line-up. And like I said, they were more on the melodic side of life. Good stuff, don't get me wrong, but it took a live sesh for me to really get a full grasp of their talent.

"dammmnnn" - i'm pretty sure was my first initial reaction to their set. one of those bands that causes the audience to stop mid-sentence and take notice. so needless to say, my excitement grew when i heard they were going back in the studio to take a "second look" at their music. essentially recording all new goodness.

the new stuff? well it's:
- a crazy fun tempo (dance moves are unavoidable)
- a strong rock guitar (imagine Black Keys meets Cake)
- a dramatic set of drums (let me explain this - one minute the drums do this delicate skip and the next they're thrashing your face off - drama!)

and all this is only off of 3 songs, imagine an entire album! this music is what addictions are made of. once you hear it, you're going to want more and more.

here's a sexy little tune (just a touch fuzzy):

Cause they're super nice, here's some free music: reverbNation

Psh, of course they're on tour:

and for good measure,



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